Cyclic Model Visualization

Visualize and animate a full cyclic model. This model is based on the jetcat rotor.

First, load the rotor. Notice how printing the rotor class reveals the details of the rotor result file.

# sphinx_gallery_thumbnail_number = 2
from ansys.mapdl.reader import examples

rotor = examples.download_sector_modal()


PyMAPDL Result
Units       : User Defined
Version     : 15.0
Cyclic      : True
Result Sets : 48
Nodes       : 460
Elements    : 210

Available Results:
EMS : Miscellaneous summable items (normally includes face pressures)
ENF : Nodal forces
ENS : Nodal stresses
ENG : Element energies and volume
EEL : Nodal elastic strains
ETH : Nodal thermal strains (includes swelling strains)
EUL : Element euler angles
EPT : Nodal temperatures
NSL : Nodal displacements
RF  : Nodal reaction forces

Plot the rotor and rotor sectors

Note that additional keyword arguments can be passed to the plotting functions of pymapdl-reader. See help(pyvista.plot for the documentation on all the keyword arguments.

rotor.plot_sectors(cpos='xy', smooth_shading=True)
  • sector model
  • sector model

Plot nodal displacement for result 21.

Note that pymapdl-reader uses 0 based cumulative indexing. You could also use the (load step, sub step) (4, 3).

rotor.plot_nodal_displacement(20, show_displacement=True,
                              overlay_wireframe=True)  # same as (2, 4)
sector model


/opt/hostedtoolcache/Python/3.9.9/x64/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pyvista/core/ PyvistaDeprecationWarning: You did not specify a value for `inplace` and the default value will be changing to `False` in future versions for point-based meshes (e.g., `PolyData`). Please make sure you are not assuming this to be an inplace operation.
  warnings.warn(DEFAULT_INPLACE_WARNING, PyvistaDeprecationWarning)

Animate Mode 21

Disable movie_filename and increase n_frames for a smoother plot

rotor.animate_nodal_solution(20, loop=False, movie_filename='rotor_mode.gif',
                             background='w', displacement_factor=0.001,
sector model


[(5.52155060432921, 5.5214282518334326, 5.110814907184016),
 (3.164628201712816e-07, -0.00012203603295768417, -0.41073538068237303),
 (0.0, 0.0, 1.0)]

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