Installation is simply:

pip install ansys-mapdl-reader

You can also visit pymapdl-reader to download the source or releases from GitHub.

If you have any installation (or other) issues, please open an issue at pymapdl-reader Issues.

The ansys-mapdl-reader supports 64-Bit Windows, Mac OS, and Linux for Python 3.7 through Pythou 3.9.

Python 3.10 Extra Instructions#

PyMAPDL-Reader requires the VTK library which, at the moment, is not available for Python 3.10 in their official channel.

If you wish to install PyMAPDL-Reader in Python 3.10, you can still do it by using the unofficial VTK wheel from PyVista using --find-links. This tells pip to look for vtk at Use this with:

pip install ansys-mapdl-reader --find-links

Please visit Unofficial VTK Wheels for Python 3.10 for further details.